New Crowns To Restore Your Smile

In a perfect world, we could be could keep our entire smile for the rest of our lives, but life tends to get in the way. Damaged teeth are difficult-to-ignore smile imperfections, the good news is dental crowns from our Berthoud, CO, dentist can help correct them. Learn more by getting in contact with Dr. Carmen Beckwith of Berthoud Family Dentistry.

Protecting Damaged Teeth 

A primary responsibility of dental crowns is to protect a tooth that has been damaged from further fracture. This protection also allows our tooth to function as it did before it sustained damage. When the damage is not as substantial, whether the culprit is either injury or decay, our dentist may suggest either bonding or a dental filling to repair the tooth. It's when a significant structure has been lost that a dental crown may be prescribed.

Restoring Their Appearance 

Just like the above-mentioned treatments, a dental crown can also restore our tooth's appearance on top of the protection it provides. They are manufactured from a variety of very strong materials, including metals, but a popular option is those that are tooth-colored to match the tooth shape of the crown.

Another way that teeth can become damaged, even if their shape is unaffected they can become discolored due to trauma. They cannot be whitened through traditional teeth whitening as it's the dentin beneath the enamel that causes the discoloration, but a dental crown can return our tooth to a natural appearance.

Saving Teeth 

Inside of our tooth is a chamber that houses the soft connective tissues that link the tooth to the rest of our body. So when the damage incurred by our tooth causes infection of this tissue, which can progress further and threatens gums and bone that support our teeth. This leads to extreme pain and possible tooth loss. A root canal treatment can save our tooth and relieve pain, it will just need a crown to protect it going forward.

Crowns in Berthoud, CO

Schedule a consultation today to find out if a dental crown can improve your smile. If you live in or near the Berthoud, CO, area you can dial 970-532-4477 to make an appointment with Dr. Beckwith of Berthoud Family Dentistry.

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